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The Legal Courier

March 30, 2015

Founding Issue:  Changes to Regents' Rules 7

With this issue, the Office of General Counsel launches a new digital resource to help keep our campus communities apprised of important legal information and initiatives for the Texas Tech University System and its four universitiesTexas Tech UniversityTexas Tech University Health Sciences CenterAngelo State University and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso.

The Legal Courier will be distributed periodically to inform members of the Texas Tech University System family about relevant legal news and announcements. Each university is experiencing tremendous growth and has significant goals to reach. Our hope is the Legal Courier will be a useful tool for administrators, faculty, staff and students regarding the legal landscape.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at 806.742.2155 if we can be of any assistance.

Office of General Counsel
Through a team of internal attorneys and professionals, the Office of General Counsel provides legal services, advice and representation for the Texas Tech University System and its four universities. Read more >> 

Regents' Rules
The Board of Regents, charged by law to govern, control and direct the policies of the Texas Tech University System, adopt, amend and publish Regents' Rules that include provisions relating to governance. Read more >>

Important Changes to Regents' Rules - Chapter 7
Chapter 7 of the Regents’ Rules governs “fiscal management.” Within Chapter 7 are contained provisions on various fiscal management matters, including audits and funds management and control. Chapter 7, as well, includes provisions regarding fraud prevention, definitions of fraud and rules governing disciplinary actions that may be applicable to employees in cases of fraud.

During the board meeting March 6, 2015, the Board of Regents approved a change to Regents' Rule 7.03.6, which governs disciplinary actions in cases of fraud.

Please review the linked document that explains the changes made to rule 7.03.6. Particularly, please note the rule now mandates that “in any case in which an investigation leads to a disciplinary action [as a result of fraudulent actions], the office of human resources, office of the general counsel and other appropriate offices shall be consulted prior to taking such [disciplinary] actions.

The purpose of this rule change is to provide a ready source of advice to supervisors faced with these difficult situations and to provide more consistency in outcome. These situations usually have unique facts. It is a goal that consultation with the university's human resources office and the Office of General Counsel can help guide supervisors to an appropriate action.

The Texas Tech University System is committed to ensuring excellence and the highest degree of ethical conduct at all levels of the organization and its operations. As civil servants accountable to students, parents, alumni, donors and the citizens of Texas, employees of the Texas Tech University System act as stewards of the organization’s resources and their efficient and intentional use.

Thank you for your review of this revised policy. Please let us know at anytime if we can answer questions at 806.742.2155.


The Legal Courier is sponsored by the Office of General Counsel at the Texas Tech University System.

This periodic email disseminates information regarding legal matters and notifications from the Texas Tech University System. The Legal Courier is prepared as a general summary of important developments and is not intended as individual legal advice. Should you have any questions or need information concerning a specific situation or any of the content of this email, please contact the Office of General Counsel.