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Texas Tech University System Regulations

TTUS Regulations are developed to address specific directives and reporting requirements needed to implement TTUS Regents’ Rules and shall include interpretations where issues and specific guidelines are needed for uniform compliance.

TTUS Regulations may also be developed to promote efficiencies, establish “best practices” and communicate uniform guidelines on matters of overall System concern that are not specifically addressed in Regents’ Rules.  Regulations may also be developed to provide for uniform compliance with Fiscal, Academic, Research, Human Resources and other management standards and requirements imposed by federal or state law or external administrative agency rules.

System Regulations are not intended to replace component institutions’ operating procedures (OPs).  Regulations are intended to provide uniform guidelines for consistent reporting and operations. 

  1. TTUS draft regulations will be provided to each Component CFO for review and comments prior to implementation.  Each CFO is responsible to disseminate the draft regulation to the appropriate individual(s) within their organization for review and comment.  The review period shall be for two weeks.

  2. Each TTUS regulation must be reviewed every five years or sooner as needed to comply with changes in Regents’ Rules and applicable laws and regulations.



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